Vehicle waiting at a protected area entrance

Controlled entry

For governmental services, commercial and public institutes, we provide tools for automated as well as manual control of entry to areas with restricted access, and also help security services to protect soft targets. Our integrated solution based on the INTIQ platform aligns traffic and security functionalities and combines access control with smart mobility.


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Access control for areas with restricted access

Historical downtowns, campuses, pedestrian zones, governmental buildings or even private areas - their property managers do need to keep them accessible for public, but restrict the entry of unauthorised vehicles. Our solution provides them with access control based typically on registration plates or RFID cards. Unique combination of our solutions is access control based on C-ITS, where the equipped vehicles can request access automatically using the direct wireless communication. The benefit of this combination is that e.g. emergency vehicle can be recognized as such, even if that particular vehicle is not enrolled in the system.

Another useful feature is the option to allow individual users to manage the access rights for their visitors or deliveries.


Protection of soft targets

It is no easy task to ensure security of buildings or areas which can not simply be closed behind a hard perimeter. The detectors and actors of the system, various sensors and automatic bollards, should not affect the regular operation, but must ensure the protection of the property. Our system connects sensors like cameras or induction loops with active parts of the access control, either completely automatically or with manual input from security personell, depending on actual risk level.