Always ahead thanks to smart data

We make sense of data. Our unique algorithms turn gigabytes of traffic data into comprehensive traffic information on roads and highways every minute, so you can arrive without delay and without accidents.

50 000

vehicles share their location data (FCD) daily


of road sections in the Czech Republic receive data about current traffic thanks to us

2 500

missing parking spots for trucks in the Czech Republic

Calculation and prediction of traffic intensity

Each second we process anonymized position data from thousands of vehicles throughout the Czech Republic, which is simply called FCD - Floating Car Data. What is so much data used for? Using complex algorithms from current and historical data, we calculate the current traffic load in real time and predict the load on these road sections in the future. The data is also coming from other transport technologies such as traffic counters, C-ITS messages, Bluetooth, Wifi detection, etc.


Travel times

From the current traffic data, we can calculate the expected travel time between any two points on the road network. Compared to conventional mobile applications, we achieve much more accurate results because we take into account the type of vehicle (buses, trucks etc.) and on longer routes we use available data to predict the state of traffic for several hours in advance.


Availability of parking lots

Parking is a critical issue not only for car drivers in city centers, but also for trucks on motorways. Our algorithms provide up-to-date information on parking lot occupancy based on input data (magnetometric or laser detectors, video detection, data from mobile applications, data from the toll system and more) and predict their status on a given day or hour from historical data. To give the data meaning, we have developed a mobile application that guides drivers to a free parking spot.