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INTENS Corporation s.r.o.

.... is a young and expanding company that offers services in the area of transport telematics. The business was launched in 2010 with focus on providing specific counselling and analytical services. Gradually, the company began to offer not only analyses and system designs of IT solutions in the transport area, but also their practical realisation as for the software development. It is exactly the synergy of theory and practice that laid the foundations of a broad portfolio of provided services which are used by private as well as public sector customers from across the European Union.

With regard to the fact that the instruments of transport telematics are primarily used to increase the quality and efficiency of transport/travel services and to solve transportation engineering problems, the practical knowledge potential of our company includes also the areas related to transport planning, transport simulation, telecommunications, etc. The provided services may be summed up as follows:

- Consultations and Counselling

- Software Development

- Research and Development

INTENS Corporation values high quality of offered services and products. Its motto is based on a close relationship with the end customers and fulfilling of all their requirements. Nowadays, the company employes not only experts with long-time experience in the area of tranport and IT. It also offers job opportunities to university graduates. All commissions are realised on the basis of project management principles and with respect to the quality management standards ISO 9001:2008.

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Cooperative Systems

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We are pioneers

Cooperative systems (C-ITS) belong to the most progressively developing areas of ITS.

INTENS Corporation monitors current developments and trends in this area and participates significantly in the development of C-ITS in the Czech Rep. This enables the company to be a step ahead the competitors. INTENS Corporation focuses on realising innovative projects that bring the latest knowledge of C-ITS technologies, technical standardisation, etc. to the Czech Republic.

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Traffic Information

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We convert data into information

Providing transport information is, with regard to global outcomes and consequent benefits, a crucial part of ITS.

INTENS Corporation offers individual applications as well as complex system solutions which aim at gathering, assessment and presentation of related data in real time for drivers as well as for transport infratructure administrators, integrated transport systems, car makers, etc.

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Analyses and Designs

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In search of the optimal solution

A detailed analysis and subsequent relevant conclusions are the basis of a successful design and realisation of any system.

INTENS Corporation has at its disposal broad knowledge of and experience with not only technical areas, such as ITS technologies, telecommunication solutions, etc., but also transport engineering analyses, transport simulation, feasibility studies, cost and benefit analyses, etc.

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